Grocery shopping is…

Mom Life Moment. It was naptime/rest time. I had literally written three words of this post when my older daughter started screaming and crying hysterically. I ran upstairs, expecting that she had fallen off her bed or something. Nope. She had somehow crammed an entire Duplo block into her mouth and it had gotten stuck. It took a bit of trying to get the darn thing out, too. I have yet to find out why she stuffed a Lego into her mouth…

So anyway, grocery shopping is an almost daily occurrence around here. Side note: I’m actually making a huge effort to cut down on my shopping in order to save money. It’s not going well. Today, we went to visit my parents and I stopped by a grocery store nearby. I made 2 wonderful, yet dangerous discoveries.

  1. Blue Bottle sells cartons of their New Orleans style Iced Coffee. It comes ready to drink. Just open up the carton and pour it over a glass of ice. So good.
  2. The most delicious coffee ice cream by Na Pali Coast Frozen Organics, which is a local company here in San Diego. (Clearly, I’m all about the coffee.)

Holy moly, this stuff is amazing. I love Vietnamese Iced Coffee, which is iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk in it. And this is in ice cream form. It’s kinda expensive. I think it was almost $10 for a mason jar’s worth of ice cream. But as a special treat, I think it’s completely worth the cost, both money-wise and calorie-wise.

Now if you’ll excuse me, dessert is calling.