I don’t know if its just me, but I find it really hard to get the kids out of the house beyond running errands. By the time we’ve eaten breakfast, changed clothes, and gotten ready, its time to run our errands for the day. I go to the grocery store most days, a habit I’m trying desperately to change. But still, there’s endless runs to the pharmacy, Costco, and Target (Oh Target, how I love thee…)

Then there’s lunchtime and nap time, and I only have a 90 minute window between nap time and bath time. All of this is to say that going outside to get fresh air and exercise hasn’t been very easy, but I’m trying my best. We take walks around our neighborhood, but that can get boring. We have a great backyard, but it includes an unfenced pool. With one kid, I could keep an eye on her at all times, but not with two (even though the older one can swim.) Also, I literally have a phobia of snakes, so I’m terrified that one of the kids will get bitten.

The best way for the kids to get their exercise is to go to the playground. We have several in our area, and the kids just love it. They get to play with other kids…I love how kids can just walk up to another kid and start playing with them, sometimes without even speaking. They run around, they get fresh air, they have a great time.

The only drawback is if my older daughter has woken up early that day and wee go to the park, she will get overtired, and then we will be on a downward spiral of waking up early and crankiness.